Your DJs for The Cookout ATL!

Julie Brown

From acoustic to electric, horns to harmonica, New York to West Coast, Julie digs all the blueses. She has DJed around the country at bluesSHOUT, Blues Muse, Mile High Blues, Bambloozled, and more. She also DJs regularly in Boston, where she lives, dances, works, and occasionally sleeps.

Kenneth Shipp

Kenneth has been spinning Black party music for well over a decade, learning the in and outs from his father’s vinyl collection at an early age. From leaning into soul & funk tunes to craft his breakdance sets or handling large hip-hop party weekends, grooving is the one thing you’ll always be doing when Kenneth is behind the booth.

Susan Olson

Susan has been DJing for social dancers for more than ten years, continuously honing her ear for what makes people want to get up and dance. It might be a funky baseline, rhythm you can sink your teeth into, earth shattering vocals, or simply an irresistible groove. Susan always seeks to keep a party going, building in moments of high energy and relaxation into every set. Her impeccable taste and uncanny ability to read a room make her a perfect pick for any DJ team, but she’s especially excited to be part of The Cookout. The chance to spend a whole weekend exploring a variety of music and dance styles with superb colleagues is a rare and wonderful opportunity.